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Dear friends and neighbors,

It has been an honor to serve the people of Fairbanks in Juneau. I appreciate the trust that you have given me with your vote and I hope that I have earned your continued support in the future.

Alaskans have been through some tumultuous times over the last few years. We have seen oil, gas and electricity bills skyrocket to record levels. The stock market crash has forced many families to rethink retirement. Education continues to cost more and give less.

The good news is that we live in a great state with equally great people. We Alaskans have a history of rolling up our sleeves and working together during challenging times. We will have many challenges tomorrow and we shall succeed, because that is how we do things in the Last Frontier.

Now, more than ever, our state needs leaders to bring us together and remind us that we are all in this as Alaskans. To remind us of our common victories and challenges and more importantly, of the common goals that unite us. I've done just that for three terms now, and I am ready to do it again.

Let us dream big, act boldly and roll up our sleeves and work hard, together, to get the job done.

Representative Scott Kawasaki

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